You will find all necessary PPTs and materials needed to prepare for the APMEU 2018 conference here.

APMEU – training session 1. Introduction to EU (based on N. Nugent)

N. Nugent, The Government and Politics of the European Union, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010, 7th ed. [The European Council]

APMEU – traning session 2. Historical perspective on European Integration

APMEU – training session 3. Liberal Intergovernmentalism

APMEU – training session 4. European Governance

APMEU – training session 5. Negotiation Strategies and Tactics

APMEU – training session 6. European Law and The Court of Justice of the European Union

APMEU – training session 7. European Union Competences.

Gender – APMEU 2018 Webinar

Poverty – APMEU 2018 Webinar

The EU and the ACP – APMEU 2018 Webinar

The Nature and Instruments of EU Development Policy – APMEU 2018 Webinar